If you can't decide what plan suits you better, we will start by focusing on what we can do!

Shibuya Livestream focuses on high-quality but small and light-wear gear rental equipment and service for any streaming event, providing high-quality everywhere while reducing transportation and management costs since our equipment is lightweight, but has the best quality.

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Only the complete plan is available for business purposes live streaming.
Easy to reserve! We just need the date and the contents!
We want our customers to focus on their content while we decide and manage any equipment inquiry to improve the efficiency and quality of the streaming!

All our staff are professional cameraman

Best compatibility and efficiency of streaming equipment

Efficient management and reservation

Three simple and efficient plans

The same base always, no need for a detailed estimate!

We hire professional cameraman

Of course the best part of any streaming is that viewers and streamers know is limited to that moment, but i the key is in fact to have a good cameraman and a switch with a good touch since the streaming can be saved and used in the future too.
Our company does not rely just on the importance of efficiency and quality of our equipment, we want our customers to be able to show their products and the best impression to their business partners through our dedication.



Best compatibility and efficiency of streaming equipment

Our three steps:
Step one, a prior meeting, next the streaming day,(prepare setting 1h〜2h、streaming〜2h、dismantlement〜1h)、and the final step is the delivery of the final product.

In order to improve our efficiency during the setting, all our streaming equipment will be recorded in 4k sensors, this way, in case of any problem our mechanism makes it really easy to respond quickly and fix it easily and faster.





Efficient management and reservation

All reservation are done online, meaning labor costs are reduced since our meetings with our costumers, operators, and directors in charge of streaming are basically handled online, reducing time and expenses costs.

are our three plans. They summarize the best necessities for any streaming event making it easy for our customers to reduce cost and increase productivity.
Unofficial, we can not compromise our equipment can stream a certain specific level.
For clients that want higher qualit, we also offer more options as in-site staff or a MC as a support system. Contact us for more details!


Three simple and efficient plans